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VRCN & Idlink Plus Launch Dynamic QR Code Lift I/O Interface Board in On-Premises Application

Idlink Plus Pte Ltd, the JV of VRCN Ltd and Rfera is pleased to launch its new Lift I/O Interface Board for on-premises application of virtual card in Dynamic QR Code and has exhibited the solution to industry experts visiting the VRCN's booth at the 3rd International Property Management Expo last week in Hong Kong.

The application is made possible by the Secure Authenticator which Idlink Plus introduced earlier this year. The Secure Authenticator, which is a digital hub to link sensors and readers in access control application, augments the ID authentication process initiated by the Idlink Plus mobile app and put through accreditated user to the new Idlink Plus Lift I/O Interface Board. Yet, no information of users or floor distribution rights are stored in the Secure Authenticator.

The Interface I/O Board is generic and is able to connect to different lift controllers. Each board can work with 32 floors lift connection and maximum to 128 floors. Its use with the mobile credential in dynamic QR code is able to enhance secure use of virtual card and enable seamless user experience by BYOD instead of a separate physical ID.

For more information, please write to or and feel free to WhatsApp +85260716107.


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