Cloud Virtual Controller & Identity Authentication Platform -
We Disrupt & We Innovate

VRCN has developed a patented digital door-opening security solution based on our cloud identity authentication mechanism in the virtual access controller with use of a mobile credential in the form of dynamic QR code changing every 5 seconds.  Traditional and expensive physical access controllers on-site are eliminated over there.  As a result, on-site door-access control infrastructure will become much simpler, contributing to a much lower corresponding installation cost.  That also empowers VRCN to launch the new AccessControl-as-a-Service (ACaaS) to the security market.


Since tampering and copying the user's identity hidden in our dynamic QR code is prevented, the virtual card provides indeed a unique identity with secure credential to engage an authenticated user to other IoT and digital applications,  for e.g. e-ticketing , CRM integration, etc., ALL In just ONE identification process.   This will effectively enable a seamless user experience (UX) to customers in an integrated digital application.

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idLink ACaaS - System Components 

VRCN Ltd. has developed a patented secure door-opening solution based on our unique cloud virtual access controller technology, which is to replace the conventional physical access controller usually installed and used on-site in access control applications.

Built upon this foundation, VRCN is pleased to offer alternately to one-off system sales a unique subscription-based AccessControl-as-a-Service (ACaaS), to serve the general access control security market with the following THREE system components, instead of FOUR in traditional system, without any use of physical door controllers on-site:

  1. idLink cloud administration portal for setting up virtual card and run primary time attendance report;

  2. A mobile ID app developed to incorporate a virtual credential in the form of dynamic QR code, changing every 5 seconds; and

  3.  QR code reader specially tuned for idLink ACaaS application; identifying idLink's uniqe Dynamic QR Code with an option of reading Mifare RFID card.

The objectives are to:

  1. Facilitate mobile / digital migration of traditional access control system amongst the general users in the security market by rendering an unprecedented identity authentication solution over cloud at an affordable cost;

  2. Reduce the cost and trouble encountered in traditional installation of access control systems which must require complicated management of proprietary ID encryption and setting up of reader, physical access controller, software and cabling;

  3. Enable users to perform easy and effective access control but pay on a yearly subscription basis and switch to new applications now and in future without the pain to invest a lot.

Business Idea - What We Offer

  1. Patented cloud based access control solution branded as idLink- There is no local hardware controllers; Users and Administrators can simply log-onto their web cloud accounts and perform all access control and data set ups, such as assigning readers to corresponding doors, issuing virtual cards to relevant staff, setting up door access & time attendance scheduling, issuing temporary visitor mobile passes and generating different forms of reports, etc.

  2. While majority of access control system and software can work only in Windows environment, idLink Cloud Access Control works perfectly in both PC and / or MAC system via browser e.g. Safari.

  3. VRCN has also developed its idLink Mobile App, inside which a Dynamic QR Code is generated to replace the traditional physical ID badge or RFID card.  The Dynamic QR Code will also change every 5 seconds to prevent copying.

  4. Specially tuned  Card reader with RJ45 connection (or WiFi) to Router and relay output  to electronic lock and / or alarm for easy flexible on-site installation.  The reader supports both Dynamic QR Code & RFID card operation.

  5. All bi-directional data communications among system components, e.g.  from cloud to & from mobile app / readers are AES256 encrypted.

  6. Unprecedented Yearly Subscription-Based AccessControl-as-a- Service (ACaaS) enabled with THREE packages of services, which are Primary Edition, Business and Enterprise Edition.

  7.  Option for additional features and support functional extensions to booking, payment and, etc. to provide better customer experience on separate cover.

Idenge e-Wallet Card for iOS & Android

IDENGE Interactive Live e-Card:

  1. IDENGE offers the e-card cloud issuance platform which enables card issuers to DESIGN and MANAGE digital cards and passes for use of customers in smart phones. 

  2. IDENGE renders an absolute novelty to the card industry by bringing an easily operable digital identity system with close engagement features with users. 

  3. Cards are no longer a passive physical ID, but a live element that can be permanently updated with useful information

IDENGE Digital Card in Mobile Wallet:

  1. No APP required but working in iOS & Android;

  2. Activation link of the e-card issued is sent via email; automatically be downloaded to the wallet:

  3. Content and design can be updated on cloud at any time or on a scheduled date without pressing any update button on local phone;

  4. Interactive information for your customers, partners, members can be listed in the e-card with hyperlink;

  5. On-demand push messages to customers (optional);

  6. Link Fields with internal Database and Message System.

  7. Work Stand Alone or connect API with your System.