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Tech Era Real Estate Management Suite

VRCN Ltd is pleased to introduce the comprehensive Real Estate Management Suite now being adopted by major property management and develpment groups in S.E. Asia with the following benefits:

1. Adopt interactive approach in property management to save HR & op costs

2. Built in parameters to monitor issues automatically and copy to relevant units

3. Tenants/residents are empowered with an app to relate issues to management

4. Onces issues are approved, info will be updated to the system real time

5. Latest digital tech resorted to trigger proactive respsonse based on info input, for e.g. a visitor'll be issued a secure temp. e-Pass for self-accreditation to access

6. Free to choose among varous functional modules available to fit-in management scenarios

7. Adopt IdlinkPlus on-premises ID authentication solution of VRCN

For more details, please write to or whatsapp +85260716107. VRCN Ltd.

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