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BooknMeet Application Scenarios

BooknMeet capitalizes on the latest cloud and security technology to enable a totally un-manned facilities booking and admittance system.  It drastically reduces administration workload by automating:

  • Establishment of facilities / amenities for booking and their corresponding price setting;

  • Booking & payment process; and

  • Self-accreditation to facilities by users / attendees. 


With the Virtual Card (VC) on BYOD (the mobile phone), it is a greener solution which requires no printed paper or plastic card as a badge.   The VC is unique and and more secure than normal visitor pass because it prevents copying by 3rd party.  Every VC actually comes with a non-UID based secure credential, a random code changing over time and protected by the Dynamic QR Code on the VC which also keeps changing every 5 seconds.  In fact, the secure issuance of the VC empowers the administrator to issue a unique e-ticket to every attendee who now enjoys a seamless event and meeting participation experience which no other booking or meeting system can compare.

Club Facilities Booking & Admittance

  1. Empower Customer-Centric Online Booking System for Gym & Club

  2. Streamline Operation in Recreational Facilities Booking and Secure Access Admittance for Residents & Visitors in Managing Condominium Club House

  3. Seamless Integration with Digital Membership or Perks System

   System Benefits:

  • Render an all-in-one console solution to handling booking of members / residents / users of temporary visit.

  • Easy issuance of virtual card on mobile with One Mobile Credential to authenticate Door Access, Venue Admittance, Signing-up of Facilities and Membership Entitlements in CRM system

  • Efficient control on booking, corresponding payment, issuance of invoice and receipt, all in one platform.

  • Optimized data analytics on facilities usage, frequent users as well as revenue created.

  • Enact automatic facilities booking and access management with minimum manpower input

Empty Gym

Co-Working Space Booking & Access Accreditation

  1. Entertain All Online Booking of Office Work Space & Meeting Facilities for Tenants and Short Term Users in One System

  2. Flexible to Add and Link Facilities Any Time to BooknMeet for Rent

  3. Real Time Reflection in System on Adjustment of Facilities Rent and Amenities Pricing

  ​System Benefits:

  • Easy deployment by linking an idLink reader to the door lock of facilities to be rent and connect to BooknMeet system via normal network.

  • Since BooknMeet needs no Door Access Controller to work, BooknMeet can simply act as an add-on solution, running parallel with existing legacy access control system with minimum change and investment to achieve digital booking and visitor accreditation.

  • Intuitive control panel in managing booking, invoice and receipt of payment, and secure issuance of virtual cards on mobile to tenants and visitors

Urban Modern Interior Design

Meeting Room Booking & Visitor Management System

  1. Online System for Hybrid Meeting Room and Workplace Booking in a Company by Registered Department and / or Dynamic Work Force

  2. Calendar Scheduling with Time Attendance Usage Record

  3. Enable Visitor Invitation, Issuance of Secure Mobile Visitor Pass and Automatic Visitor Accreditation to Meeting Facilities or Workplace

  4. Tablet Display of Daily Meeting Schedule outside the Meeting Room

  ​System Benefits:

  • Possible data analytics on time attendance records of staff to assign proportion of weight in cost sharing among departments.

  • The meeting booked could be added to the Calendar and shared by WhatsApp and email.

  • The meeting host is able to key in necessary visitor information and send the Virtual Visitor Pass, which appears in the form of Dynamic QR Code, via a UR Link embedded in the email of visitor invitation sent.

  • Easy visitor check-in by scanning the Pass against the accreditation device.

Team meeting

Event Booking System with Secure e-Ticket Issuance & Access Accreditation

  1. Empower Facilities Owner to Manage all Venues for Rent under One Roof

  2. Online Platform for A Registered User to Book a Venue, Pay and then Create One's Own Event, for e.g. Workshop, Exhibition, Exposition, Conference, etc.

  3. Render One-Stop Service to the Booked User to Set Up Event Details, Visitor Invitation, Visiting Schedule, Reminder of Visiting and Visitor Report

  4. An Invited Visitor Will Obtain Visitor Pass from the UR Link of the Invitation Email and Perform Self Accreditation by Scanning the Pass against the Authentication Device at the Venue

  5. Public Visitor Registration Is also an Option

​  System Benefits:

  • Handy marketing available to the Booked User because the event created could be share via social media platform of registered and invited visitors.

  • With the application of unique e-ticket (VC) on the visitor's mobile phone and use of the automated authentication devices such as turnstile for self accreditation, the Booked User can save an impressive amount of operation costs borne in traditional HR and IT system costs involved.

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