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Cloud Video Management System & Cam Manager

Headquartered in Austin, TX, USA with offices around the world, Eagle Eye Networks is #1 in cloud video surveillance worldwide, addressing the needs of businesses of all types and sizes; VRCN Ltd. is the certified Value Added Reseller in Hong Kong.

Traditional video security systems require substantial amounts of hardware, complicated installations and constant software maintenance and management. With the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS, accessing historic and real-time video is simple and requires no additional software. By storing video in the Cloud, businesses minimize the hardware needed and the cost associated with it.

Paired with broad camera compatibility, users could opt to use their existing cameras without extra investment.  Equipped with numerous analytic tools, and an open API platform, Eagle Eye Networks provides businesses with a tool that is more than just a video security system but a versatile choice of video management options and video AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications such as security alarm, visitor counting, loitering alarm, and even license plate recognition, etc.

Understand your needs and start planning right away:

  1. Choose Your Cameras - Use existing cameras, Eagle Eye cameras, or cameras from another manufacturer

  2. Determine Your Subscription - Subscription plans are priced per camera/per month, and vary based on camera resolution and desired retention period

  3. Choose Your Bridge/CMVR from Eagle Eye - Receive, buffer, encrypt, transmit, and store video locally

  4. Choose Your Switch - Managed PoE switches work right out of the box for faster installations and easier maintenance

  5. Benefit from Ready-To-Use Integrations -  Integrations in areas like access control, smart sensors, and AI deliver the most versatile, differentiated video experience

Contact VRCN Ltd. today and we'll tailor-make a cost-effective subscription package for you!

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Flexible to Use New / Existing / 3rd Party Devices

One of the biggest benefits of cloud video surveillance is the lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Cloud technology offers businesses substantial economies of scale with low upfront costs, no cost to add additional locations, and reduced maintenance costs with software updates being delivered automatically, eliminating the need to replace existing hardware.

With Eagle Eye Networks, you can choose from over 3,000 IP, analog, and HD over Coax cameras. Pay only for what you need and update your hardware when you’re ready.


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Best-in-Class CCTV Cybersecurity

Traditional systems require port forwarding to grant users remote access to their video surveillance systems, leaving the system vulnerable to cyber threats. The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS has no open ports and was designed for secure remote access, allowing only outbound connections to the Eagle Eye Cloud.

Eagle Eye Cloud VMS:

  1. Blocks cameras from communicating with the internet;

  2. Blocks cameras from being attached or compromised; and

  3. Blocks pre-installed Trojans from communicating with the internet


AI & Analytics via Real Time Cloud Processing

Processing analytics in the cloud offers
numerous benefits.

  1. Unlimited processing power and ability to make sense of large amounts of data;

  2. No downtime with quick, global updates pushed through over the air updates;

  3. Instantly transform standard analog and IP cameras into powerful AI solutions, without any additional onsite hardware.

Thus Eagle Eye Networks offers an array of analytic tools with the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS, providing business owners and operators with insight into potential areas of improvement, e.g. Loitering, Intrusion, Camera Tampering, Line Crossing, People Counting & License Plate Recognition.

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