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Technology Vision and Patents Obtained

Digital Professionals Offering Digital Identity Authentication & Smart Customer Engagement

VRCN Limited is a tech company that specializes in developing cloud-based identity authentication and facilities access management solutions.  Two of its signature services are the Cloud Door-Lock Opening Technology without using any traditional physical door controllers and the non-CSN (card serial number) based personalized mobile virtual card appeared in the form of dynamic QR code which changes coding every 5 seconds.  They are now patented in China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, and USA.

The VRCN team is formed with experienced professionals in the business of Electronic Security and ID Identification solutions for more than 20 years.


Major projects handled included:

  • Government IDs, driving licenses & event accreditation systems of various countries,  e.g. Australia, China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, etc.

  • Security projects such as video over fiber / IP, access control, facial recognition + temperature & mask detection

  • Event security consultancy, for incidence, 2018 World A.I. Conference in Shanghai

VRCN Vision - Enable Multi-tasking Integration of ID Authentication in a Digitally Connected World

The market is no longer technology-driven but customer-centric.  A hardcore technology solving one problem might not satisfy the multi-demand requirements of those commercial activites / facilities operators.  Therefore, VRCN focuses primarily in applying the latest cloud and ID authentication technologies to work out simple but secure dynamic solutions to businesses, with an objective to put through accreditated users to third-party (or multiple parties) digital community applications.  Our solutions fit in well to meet new system requirements as follows:


  1. Handling cost-effectively a large dynamic group of users with a minimum investement of hardware and the simplest system architecture.

  2. Reducing the pain in digital migration of old system to more IoT applications by working in parallel to the existing system before a total switch to digital / mobile one.

  3. Empowering a more dynamic and easier integration by offering relevant APIs to link with different systems. 

  4. Rendering a seamless customer / user experience (UX) so that a cutomer can book / purchase an activity online, pay accordingly and get appropriate incentive in the CRM / memerbsip system, donwload relevant e-ticket / key and perform self-check in or self-accreditation to venue access.  


At the end of the day, the commecial operator could provide the best satisfied services with the minimum HR costs and yet the sealess UX will simply increase brand stickiness.


First-of-its-kind API Development Enabling RaaS (Robot-as-a-Service)

VRCN Ltd. has invested more in R&D and dedicated to developing our own cloud platform of identity authentication for different applications.   The company is pleased to release the first-of-its-kind API, which empowers IT developers the capability to turn any IT devices with camera function into virtual readers of Idlink virtual cards. Such devices could be mobile phones, tablets and of course robots as well, for example the T5 Concierge Robot of Guardforce AI.


When applying in robotic operation, any visitor, who either receives prior invitation or registers ad hoc online will receive a virtual card embedded with a UR Link.  Scanning the card against readers / the virtual reader at the robot will authenticate the visitor presence and accredit venue access.

On-Premises Door Access Solution without Door Controller but Sending Visitor Virtual Cards via Social Media Platform on the Moble Phone

The latest contribution is the introduction of Idlink Plus Secure Authenticator Package, consisting of one Dynamic QR Code Reader and one Secure Authenticator (SA), which is itself an exit button and also a digital hub  with linkage to other devices, e.g. alarm sensors. 


This new generation digital access control application requires no connection of network for local installation but let the Host User to open doors  with a dyamic QR code and not relying on any door access controllers.   Visitor / Guest Passes can also be sent through the Host's mobile app via any social media network available on phone.


No user information will ever be stored on the Authenticator and there's no limit on the number of users.  The Host User simply registers one's ownership by scanning the QR code on the box set.  Once all information is filled, the Host User is given a dynamic QR code as the key to open the door and also the right to issue Visitor Passes via social media, limited by time period set.

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