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Technology Vision and Patents Obtained

Digital Professionals Offering Digital Identity Authentication & Smart Security

We are experienced professionals in the business of Electronic Security, Guarding & Identification solutions for more than 20 years.


Major projects handled included:

  • Government IDs, driving licenses & event accreditation systems of various countries,  e.g. Australia, China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, etc.

  • Security projects such as video over fiber / IP, access control, facial recognition + temperature & mask detection

  • Event security consultancy, for incidence, 2018 World A.I. Conference in Shanghai

VRCN Vision - Enable Seamless User Experience (UX) in a Digitally Connected World

The market is no longer technology-driven but UX driven.  Any solution rendered must be able to give the best user experience; if technology is involved, every system component needs to be seamlessly stitched in the solution.  Having such vision, VRCN takes a 4-step approach in serving the identity and access control markets as follows:


  1. Cloud issuance of personalized virtual cards over-the-air in the form of Dynamic QR Code on App or Browser.

  2. Create  identity authentication mechanism and solution provisioning on Cloud Platform.

  3. Integrate with 3rd party community app / e-platform for a more comprehensive ONE-STOP digital solution.

  4. Enable automatic access accreditation of users and engage them into further IoT / smart city applications.

Patented Cloud Door-Lock Opening Access Control Solution & Greener

VRCN Ltd. has invested more in R&D and dedicated to developing our own cloud platform of identity authentication for different applications and the immediate one is access control.  That includes our unique cloud door-opening solution that enables a user to open the door without using any physical door-controller on-site.  All access rights provisioning and accreditation are done via our virtual controller on cloud.  There is no plastic card or paper to act as an ID proof but a mobile ID represented by a non-UID based credential embedded in a dynamic QR code rotating in a mobile phone once every 3 - 5 seconds which prevents copying.  This also puts through to a new business arena of AccessControl-as-a-Service (ACaaS) and empowers VRCN to render Subscription-Based access control services to the general security market on top of one-off equipment / solution sales


This Cloud Door Lock Opening Solution has already obtained the new invention patent in different countries, such as Japan, Germany, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan (and patent approval process is undergoing globally).  VRCN offers a unique but secure identity to a user.  This builds the foundation critical to further integration into other digital applications such as IoT, Smart Building and Smart City, etc.

Patented Personalized Virtual Card on Mobile

Lately, on top of the use of Dynamic QR Code, VRCN brings further empowerment to a Secure Personalized Mobile ID, i.e. a virtual card on mobile with the personal photo / information uploaded on cloud for easy visual security check.  This enables the easy issuance of a Personalized Virtual Card on mobile over-the-air via our virtual cloud controller.   Another patent is granted to us because of this innovative idea of usage.   


Since the personalized photo of the user is stored at backend, the picture cannot be compromised on front-end devices.  Furthermore, the flexibility of our cloud system facilitates putting more personalized information on the mobile ID with API support for integrating usage to other IoT applications, such as digital membership or secure e-ticketing that prevents copying by a third party.

Afterall, the mobile credential incorporated in our virtual card is not in the format of UID (unique ID / card number) as used in the traditional access control industry and all bi-directional communications amongst various system components are in AES256 encryption, it is much more secure than the conventional practice of the industry where AES128 encryption is being adopted.


In fact, these two unique security features of Dynamic QR Code and personalized photo are able to formulate an easy implementation of an affordable but secure TWO-FACTOR authentication.

Furthermore, VRCN has collaborated with Eagle Eye Networks from USA and launches CCTV cloud platform based video surveillance subscription services in Hong Kong.  Versatile service modules are offered, such as Cloud VMS (Video Monitoring System), Cloud Video Recording & Storage and AI Analytics, etc.

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