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BooknMeet One-Stop Facilities / Activities Booking Solution
Facilities Booking,  Payment, Visitor Invitation, and Secure e-Pass Issuance & Accreditation

  • Fully automated operation with zero manpower

  • Secure e-Pass issuance powered by idLink Cloud Access Control System which combats copying and transferring to unauthorized 3rd party

  • No mobile app is required

  • Seamless user experience from booking to venue access via self authentication devices like readers, turnstiles, etc. 

  • Easy visitor management and dash reports for venue booking analysis

  • API development for IoT integration into other smart systems, e.g. CRM, ERP, 3rd party mobile app, etc.


BooknMeet enables 24x7 online bookings, reminders and amenities management, it renders a hassle-free visitor management and comes along with a simple but secure visitor accreditation process that requires zero-extra man-power resources, nor any physical door access controllers on site.  It is a cost-effective facilities booking and user admittance system.

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BooknMeet is modular-based and consists of the following system components:

1. Platform Console

BooknMeet is a new generation e-platform console solution for easy online management of facilities booking and automatic access accreditation to authenticated users.  Apart from cloud operation on subscription basis, solution provisioning on server application is also available.

Once facilities or activities are linked to the BooknMeet system platform by the owner, a user can simply use “Date” and “Location” to search for available facilities such as  meeting venues or recreational activities so to generate a list of preferences for booking.

All successful bookings made or inquired will be shown in the monthly calendar of the Console Panel. 
 The console also renders dashboard reports and empowers the Administrator with more booking management tools in:

  • Tracking the overall booking;

  • Tracking revenues from different facilities;

  • Tracking frequency in booking; and

  • Tracking top booking users, etc.

2. Hassle-Free Real Time Booking & Payment 24 x 7

Once the booking is made, the user is able to settle payment immediately on the same platform.  Apart from the default payment gateway BooknMeet is using, the module is able to link with any other gateway the venue owner chooses to use. 

The module enables
a user to book the chosen venue / facilities and all associated amenities just with a few easy clicks.  Then the user is able to receive the related invoice and pay online immediately, 24 x 7.  Receipts will be sent to the user accordingly. 

The payment could be a membership fee of a club or any charges determined by the administrator or property management office.  Such module could also be integrated to other digital systems such as  CRM or ERP for more smart applications.


3. User-Friendly But Secure Mobile e-Pass Issuance

Once the booking is made, the user is able to enter this Module on cloud to issue secure more mobile e-Passes (virtual cards) individually or by batch to invite guests / other attendees.  There is no need to install any Visitor Management System on separate cover elsewhere.


The mobile e-Pass issuance system is empowered by the patented cloud access control system of idLInk developed by VRCN Ltd.  The mobile credential is non-UID based and is embedded in the form of Browser-Based Dynamic QR Code changing once every 5 seconds with secure features to combat identity theft by copying or transferring of the pass.  Users or visitors are not required to install any mobile app to facilitate easy yet secure operation.


The mobile e-Pass can be obtained from the UR Link which can be found in the message sent by default to the user in email.  Delivery of user messages via SMS or WhatsApp is available on demand.

4. Easy Visitor Management & Un-Manned Access Accreditation

The user is free to invite other visitors such as friends to the booked events or facilities.  In case of venue booking for organizing events, other information can also be set by the module, for example,

  • Location of the Event / Meeting;

  • Sitting arrangement of the attendee;

  • Reminder sent to alert the user or visitor before the Event / Meeting; and

  • Last minute change of venue or timing, information of which will reflect in the virtual card on the mobile phone of the invited attendee.


With the Virtual-Card-on-Mobile, the invited attendee is able to perform simple identity authentication and self-check in, by scanning merely the virtual card against a reader on site (or a reader embedded in the electronic turnstile), and then enter the booked facilities without signing any forms or queuing up for printing another paper or card entry badge.

The whole operation works with minimum manpower and even goes unmanned.  The running costs of checking a visitor's identity manually can be saved and the need to deploy labour intensive authentication systems can be drastically reduced.

5. Comphrensive Reporting System

BooknMeet will also render a series of comprehensive reports for sake of easy management and further data analysis, for instance,

  • People Oriented Reports of Visitor / Guest access logs with Varous Filtering Criteria;

  • Accounting & Invoices;

  • Dashboard of Revenue Generation, Most Used Venues, Top Customers, etc. 

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