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Idlink + Mobile App to Send Visitor Passes via Social Media & Opens Doors without Controllers

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Visitors at INTERSEC in Dubai were puzzled why an on-premises access control system operated by a mobile App can open a door without a door access controller but the "Secure Authenticator" of Idlink Plus proves that can be materialized without tricks. Just have a look at the video demo taken at INTERSEC:

The Secure Authenticator is itself an Exit Button of capacitive touch and has I/O linked with a door sensor and a QR code reader. It contains no personal or transaction data, yet able to work with unlimited number of users.

Unprecedented in the security industry, the Authenticator enables the reader to respond only to the non-UID based mobile credential, AES 256 encrypted inside the Idlink Plus mobile app, which is further protected by a 3-second changing dynamic QR code to combat identity theft.

When issuing other user or temporary visitor passes, the Host User simply manipulates that on the Idlink Plus App with a few clicks. Then, the secure pass with the appropriate door access right and time provisioned can be sent over email and via the general social media platform such as WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, etc. available on the mobile phone. Such passes are also time sensitive and be effective for 5 seconds only before changing.

The Idlink Plus Secure Authenticator needs no connection to network and no software for configuration on-site. It facilitates design of a simpler security system architecture but a more secure, handy and cost-effective door access solution.

Idlink Plus on-premises product series is developed by Idlink Plus Pte Ltd. which is a JV of VRCN Ltd. and Rfera Technology. It is entirely engineered and manufactured in Malaysia.

Write to Jack Wong at for more information or arrangement of demonstration. Welcome to be the partner of Idlink Plus, a new generation of access control without door access controllers.

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