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Security Services Platform & Mobile App

FinduSecu 「兼職易」Android 手機程式

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FinduSecu is a leading security services platform in Hong Kong developed by VRCN Ltd.  Security is a common concern today, no matter on application at enterprise level or simply a private / commercial event.  There are various kind of requests to ensure security so to safeguard a smooth operation and public interest.  Yet, given the limitation of time and resources, it is often difficult to deploy the effective service or solution in time and at a cost-effective manner.  Therefore, capitalizing on the latest ICT, is to channel effectively without complicated effort the right human resources to corporates or people who are in demand of security services on a registered platform for all necessary stakeholders.


FinduSecu provides a 24x7 platform for Security Job Vendor to upload available jobs which will be listed at the “Job Listing” section of and also our unique FinduSecu Mobile App.

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