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Empower Access Control with Seamless Customer Experience & Engagement

Digital migration is nowadays the major topic many corporations are facing.  How to enhance customer's experience by providing more handy and interactive digital solutions will enable an enterprise to outperform competitors and build sustainable business in the long run.  There's no exception in the access control and identity industries.

Therefore, VRCN Ltd is dedicated to render connected security and identity engagement solutions on the cloud platform.  Virtual card on mobile for door access by incorporating the virtual credential in the form of dynamic QR code changing once every 5 seconds is the major focus. Currently, our Cloud Door Lock Opening System via Dynamic QR Code has obtained new invention patent approval in Germany, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan (patent approval pending approval in other countries). While tampering and copying the identity is prevented, the virtual card provides a unique identity for secure authentication to other IoT applications.  Besides, contactless biometrics such as facial and palm vein recognition  are offered.

Our Patented Cloud Door-Opening Technology

We Disrupt and We Innovate

VRCN has developed a patented digital door-opening security solution, idLink,  based on the virtual cloud access controller with use of a mobile credential in the form of dynamic QR code changing once every 5 seconds.   Traditional and expensive physical access controllers on-site are eliminated over there. As a result, on-site door-access control infrastructure will become more simple.  That also enables VRCN to launch the new AccessControl-as-a-Service (ACaaS) to the security market on top of the traditional one-off equipment / solution sales.

Furthermore, VRCN is partnering with tip top security solution manufacturers worldwide.  Currently, VRCN is the Manufacturer's Representative of Idenge Inc. of Spain, who renders a unique virtual Personalized Wallet Card for both security and membership applications.  VRCN is also the official reseller and technology partner of Eagle Eye Networks of USA, the world's number one Cloud VMS (Video Management System) platform who offers video monitoring and video A.I. analytics subscription services to customers.