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idLink Cloud Identity Authentication Platform +
Secure Virtual ID Issuance

Engage Authenticated Users
to the Digitally Connected World

Digital Empowerment of Secure Virtual ID for Community Applications

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Enable Seamless User Accreditaton Experience in a Digitally Connected World

The market is no longer technology-driven, instead, every system component needs to be seamlessly stitched to give the best user experience.  Based on this, VRCN takes a 4-step approach in adopting identity authentication technology in customer engagement solutions to put accredited users through to multiple IoT applications via:

  1. Cloud issuance of personalized virtual cards over-the-air in the form of Dynamic QR Code which keep changing every 5 seconds.  Embedded inside is a non-UID based credential, which is able to combat identity theft because unlike general practice in the access control industry, it is not in the form of fixed CSN (card serial number) but a token in confused code changing over time.  The virtual card is rendered either in mobile app or browser-based.

  2. A virtual console on cloud where to create identity authentication mechanism and solution provisioning for e.g. access right distribution.

  3. API library for IT integration with 3rd party community app / e-platform for a more comprehensive ONE-STOP digital solution.

  4. Tailor-made API development to enable automatic access accreditation of users and engage them into further IoT / smart city applications.


Currently, VRCN has three major lines of identity engagement solution:

  • idLink cloud network readers with api for IoT integration;

  • BooknMeet, the smart facilities / activities booking platform; and

  • Idlink Plus on-premises smart building access solutions where all equipment installed on-site are offline and need not plug into any network.

VRCN Ltd has dedicated to investing in our own R&D to render support our future growth.  One of the efforts is the establishment of Owllab Ltd as our R&D arm for relentless technology development on  cloud issuance of secure virtual ID and digital users accreditation.  R&D is done in Hong Kong and Malaysia.  


In fact, VRCN's application in cloud door-opening access control has earned the company the approved patent in a number of places, for e.g. China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and USA.  While majority of patents last for 8 - 10 years, our recent approval in USA covers a period up to 20 years.  VRCN has recently set up a JV in Singapore called Idlink Plus Pte Ltd to server better the ASEAN overseas markets in the area of smart building access solutions.

Secure & Unique Mobile Credential to Put Through Accredited Users to More IoT Applications


Our virtual card issued to mobile could be personalized with a photo and personal information for visual security.  It can also serve as proof of digital identity by incorporating a mobile credential embedded in the form of dynamic QR code changing once every 3 - 5 seconds.   The mobile credential used in our system is different from the traditional access control industry which uses to apply Wiegand format as common denominator for communication in the electronic security system with AES128 encryption on top as protection.  Our credential adopts common ICT protocols for more convenient IoT integration but deploys more complicated algorithm to generate random coding and all data communications are under  AES256 encryption.


While tampering and copying the identity is prevented, the secure mobile credential in the virtual card enables automatic user accreditation and engages the authenticated user to other IoT and digital applications, for e.g. e-ticketing and CRM integration, UNMANNED customer accreditation to booked facilities / activities etc., ALL In just ONE identification process.   This will effectively enable a seamless user experience (UX) to customers in an integrated IoT connected world.

Our Patented Cloud Door-Opening Technology

We Disrupt and We Innovate - Open Doors WITHOUT Use of Any Physical Door Controllers

When applied in access control, our patented digital door-opening security solution is attributed to TWO major technology components, which are the cloud identity authentication e-platform as the virtual cloud access controller for access rights provisioning and the use of a non UID-based mobile credential in the form of dynamic QR code changing once every 3 -5 seconds to prevent identity copying.   The solution is now patented in China, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and USA.


The aim is to eliminate all UNNECESSARY ELV hardware such as the expensive traditional physical access controllers on-site so to create a simpler access control structure which eventually makes the system more stable and installation much cheaper.  That also empowers VRCN to launch the new AccessControl-as-a-Service (ACaaS) to the security market on top of the traditional one-off equipment / solution sales.

Furthermore, VRCN is partnering with tip top security solution manufacturers worldwide.  Currently, VRCN is the Manufacturer's Representative of Idenge Inc. of Spain, who renders a unique virtual Personalized Wallet Card for both security and membership applications.  VRCN is also the official reseller and technology partner of Eagle Eye Networks of USA, the world's number one Cloud VMS (Video Management System) platform who offers video monitoring and video A.I. analytics subscription services to customers.  

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