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Idlink Access Control Awarded as Runner-Up at Merlion Award in Singapore

Access control practice has never been so easy than before, yet more secure and cost could easily be 30% less than the conventional practice……. With that vision

behind, Owllab Ltd., the technology arm of VRCN Ltd., was awarded the Runner-Up in the access control category of the Merlion Award organized by the Security & Safety Asia Expo 2022 in Singapore.

Taking a further step forward, we are pleased to announce the official release of our new IDLINK PLUS on-premises product series at the Intersec 2023 in Dubai. One of the products is the Digital I/O Authenticator.

Totally engineered in Malaysia, the IDLINK PLUS solution will enable access right provisioning on the Host User’s mobile phone while the reader on-site works completely offline without use of any conventional door controller.

Capitalizing on our unique cloud technology and mobile app, the Host can now add visitors anytime and send guest invitation via WhatsApp so that invited visitors could get their own Brower-Based Dynamic QR Code to enter the premises. Besides, the Code will keep changing every 3 second to prevent copying.

No more hassle on pin or password management, no more lost cards and costly replenishment, no more expensive hardware and software…… Visit VRCN Ltd. at Booth SA-K42 in the coming Intersec 2023, you’ll find a lot more interesting new generation of cloud access control solutions, network or on-premises.

Stay tuned with us at our website or write to us for more information.


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