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Core Technology

Our patented technology utilizes non-CSN (Card serial number) based personalized virtual cards for door lock opening without the use of any traditional physical door controllers.

VRCN's unique offerings allow cost-effective handling of large user groups, seamless integration with different systems through APIs, and providing a seamless customer experience. 


Token based ID

Utilize token-based user profile for enhanced security and user privacy

Dynamic QR Code

Generate and update QR codes in real-time, providing secure identification that cannot be copied

App or Browser based

Utilize the system through dedicated applications or web browsers for more versatile applications


IOT Integration

Seamlessly integrate with Internet of Things devices for enhanced automation and connectivity.

Simple ID Management

Transition from traditional paper-based systems to digital platforms for improved efficiency and sustainability.

Low Cost of Ownership

Reduce expenses through cost-effective implementation, maintenance, and operational efficiency.

Better UX

Enhance user experience by providing a cohesive and intuitive interface across various devices and platforms.

Digital Migration

Streamline identity management processes with user-friendly interfaces and centralized administration.

System Integration

Consolidate with other systems such as ERP and CRM

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