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Green Turnstile Operation with Use of idLink Readers and Dynamic QR Code

And the Option to Implement Anti-Passback

Green Turnstile Operation with Use of idLink Readers and Dynamic QR Code


Access control practice has never been so easy than before, yet more secure and cost could be easily 30% less than the conventional system...... VRCN Ltd. has developed a patented digital door-opening security solution based on our two core technology components:

1. Cloud identity authentication mechanism as the virtual access controller; and use of
2. A personalized virtual card on mobile which is embedded with a non-UID credential in the form of dynamic QR code changing every 5 seconds to combat copying of identity by any third party.  

The elimination of the expensive door controller hardware attributes to a simple access control system (ACS) architecture, resulting also an easier and more efficient turnstile operation with the following benefits:

No access controller board inside the turnstile saves all labour cost in tuning readers with software & PC.
- Simple structure will have less cabling, thus less installation cost.
- All data communications amongst system components are AES 256 encrypted.
- The 5-second changing QR Code combat copying of identity.
- By use of the virtual card on mobile (or BYOD), the whole solution is also greener as
there’s no need to print any paper or plastic card.
- Easy operation of unmanned Visitor Management and Accreditation because a visitor
can use the virtual card on mobile to perform self Identity Accreditation at the turnstile.

Under idLink's cloud system, the physical door controller board is not needed in the turnstile operation but only network readers. Anti-passback function can be easily assigned over cloud and implemented because all readers are now connected to the same network. This is not possible in traditional ACS practice.

Furthermore, the cloud network nature of idLink ACS always reflect real time monitoring of the access control status. Yet, in the traditional practice, each controller can hook up with a limited number of readers only and all controllers are then linked with serial connection. Under such circumstances, additional steps of data communications among controllers are a must, making real time monitoring impossible and delay in overall data synchronization, affecting the turnstile's operational performance.

Adopting icLink's cloud access control system, users are able to use idLink's latest Browser Based Dynamic QR Code with the complementary use of One Time Password (OTP). Whenever anyone who tries to transfer the identity or copy that identity, the action will trigger OTP operation in idLink for identity verification.

All these outstanding features combat identity theft and make tailgating totally impossible in an automated operational mode.

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