Eagle Eye Video AI Analytics

Eagle Eye Video Artificial Intelligence (AI) Monitoring & Analytics

Eagle Eye Video AI Analytics

The architecture of Eagle Eye Networks AI analytics is run in cloud and EEN offers an array of analytic tools with the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS:

LOITERING: Prevent crimes like vandalism and break-ins by tracking and receiving notifications when people or vehicles stay in one spot for too long.

INTRUSION: Monitor vulnerable areas, especially after hours, by setting parameters that trigger alerts when the predetermined area is entered.

CAMERA TAMPERING: Reduce false alarms and ensure a camera is not being blocked, covered or moved with AI-based camera tampering.

LINE CROSSING: Minimize theft, break-ins and vandalism by sending an alert when a moving object crosses over a user-defined virtual line.

PEOPLE COUNTING: Monitor patterns like how many customers enter your business each week, peak times for traffic and customer behavior patterns.