Eagle Eye Cameras & Accessories

Eagle Eye Camera Series - Dome, Tube, Vandal, Body Cameras, etc.

Eagle Eye Cameras & Accessories

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS supports more than 4,000 cameras from all the leading manufacturers, but if you’re looking to buy new cameras, Eagle Eye Cameras offer a secure, plug-and-play installation. Camera models are suitable for indoor and outdoor use for a wide range of applications. The cameras come pre-configured to securely operate with the Eagle Eye Cloud Security VMS and Eagle Eye CameraManager.

Whether you run a small business, global enterprise, or something in-between, you need a video solution capable of adapting to your needs – today and tomorrow. The Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System (VMS) simplifies video surveillance through the flexibility of cloud paired with the convenience of easy, affordable installation and remote management.

In an era where minor events can spiral into global incidents, body-worn cameras are becoming the go-to solution for commercial business owners needing to maintain accountability and protect people, property, and reputations. Designed specifically for the commercial market, this small, sleek, feature-rich body camera is used by businesses to improve staff safety and accountability, accelerate incident response and investigation, and protect people and property – all at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

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