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IdlinkPlus On-Premises Mobile Access Control - Standalone System Set

With Capability to Send Visitor Passes via Social Media on Mobile Phone

IdlinkPlus On-Premises Mobile Access Control - Standalone System Set


This new IdlinkPlus set is an innovative standalone mobile access control system but operates smoothly at offline installation sites. The system comes with three critical but easy-to-install elements:
1. Mobile App, available at Google Play store (and coming Apple Shop);
2. One Dynamic QR Code Reader; &
3. One Secure Authenticator

The above video is a real case application of Party Room in Hong Kong.

The Authenticator is itself a push button in capacitive touch technology but it is also a digital hub provided with with linkage to other devices, for e.g. our IdlinkPlus reader and other door alarm sensors.

After a Host User purchases our Secure Authenticator Set, that use simply scan our QR code on the box set to complete the registration process. Input necessary activitation code obtained after completion of registration in the IdlinkPlus mobile app downloaded from Google Play Store (and later Apple Shop), the app will then generate a Provisional QR Code. Scan this Can against the reader in the set (after power-up). The Host will then claim the ownership right.

With that right, this smart digital access set will generate a virtual key in a Dynamic QR Code which will change every 3 - 5 seconds so to let the Host User to open doors registered. The whole application needs not rely on any traditional door access controllers and the local installation needs only power but not any network connection, totally offline.

Guest Pass can also be sent through the Host's mobile app via social media network on phone. No user information will ever be stored on the Authenticator and there's no limit on the number of users.

For more product and pricing information, please write to or You can also WhatsApp to +85260716107.

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