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Handy SME Access Control System Packages - Simply Cheaper and More Secure

idLink Opens Doors Without Any Need of Physical Door Controllers - Primary & Business Editions

Handy SME Access Control System Packages - Simply Cheaper and More Secure

VIDEO DEMO - Primary Edition:
VIDEO DEMO - Business Edition:

No more trouble on pin / password management, no more lost cards and no more expensive hardware...... All you need is to open an idLink Access Control Cloud User Account!

VRCN's patented cloud door-opening and time attendance system of VRCN is empowered by the un-precedented use of cloud ID authentication mechanism instead of a physical controller on-site; a mobile app in dynamic QR code replacing pin, card or biometrics. The whole system makes cost cheaper, installation a lot easier and integration into other IoT or smart city system more flexible.

In the past SME door access operation relies mostly on keypad standalone reader; the idLink's cloud access control solution of Primary Edition package enables management to issue, just by a few clicks on cloud, different virtual cards in dynamic QR code to staff which combats card coping. The management can also get all door access records of all staff by simply logging onto the company's cloud account.

For more sophisticated access control operation, companies could open an idLInk cloud account of the Business Edition. Thee Merchant Cloud Account there comes with more functions such as below:
* Log in by PC or Mac any time anywhere for setting up
* Issue Personalized Picture Virtual Cards to users or staff over-the-air
* Issue Temporary Pass (in RFID card / Virtual Card) to short-term visitors
* Assign and configure readers to specific doors accordingly
* All readers are connected in one cloud network (without use of any physical door-controllers)
* Set up Door Access Schedules for staff, users and users
* Set up Time Attendance Schedules for staff and users
* Generate access control time log and time attendance reports down to department and individual level
* Enable Anti-passback function if needed

Access control practice has never been so easy and more cost-effective than before, yet more secure.

For Video Demo of the Primary Edition, please visit and contact us at for quotation. The equipment cost is guaranteed lower than the conventional standard practice.

For Video Demo of the Business Edition of basic features, please visit and feel free to contact us at to get more information on features and arrangement of full demo.

To understand more about the concept of business idea of idLink cloud access control system, please click the above picture and download the pdf document.

Demo & Quote
Please write to if you want to arrange a demo or request a quotation.

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