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Empower Security System to Meet New Considerations of Nowadays Digital World

Facilitate Easy Digital Migration of the Security System and Integrate with other Smart Applications

Empower Security System to Meet New Considerations of Nowadays Digital World


idLink Cloud Access Control System (ACS) is using non-UID credential embedded in a Dynamic QR Code which keeps changing every 5 seconds to prevent identity theft by any 3rd party (video demo available at More importantly, the system is able to meet new considerations in nowadays' Digital Connected World and is especially fitted for the following scenarios:

1. When there are limited numbers of hardware but need to handle a large dynamic group of users
* For e.g. there are different groups of taskforce in one system (Need Group Anti-Passback function)
* Need to change the access right and schedule frequently
* Run access log record / monthly report / target report of a specific person
* To handle in complementary use of Digital membership, Visitor Management & e-Ticketing

2. Use of Personalized Picture Virtual Card on Mobile as future Digital Membership card & Access Control;
* Personal photo is uploaded on cloud backend and displayed on idLink's virtual card on mobile
* Other information such as Name and Membership Number, etc could be listed
* Save the need to run a separate server on membership / visitor management;
* Mobile credential reusable but only work in one mobile phone
* Enanle use of Mifare card as temporary pass to courier or delivery people

3. Need Facilities Booking and Integration with other digital system such as CRM, Payment, e-booking, etc.
* Manage booking of meeting rooms in co-work space or club house recreational activities
* Integrate time attendance to with CRM system for calculating of cost and membership benefits
* Un-manned facilities booking so that a user can book a venue / ticket online, select the time range, pay online on the same platform and download Mobile Pass for automatic check-in by self-authentication.

idLink ACS becomes an integral part of the operation that will render a seamless user experience in door access, facilities booking and fully automatic visitor accreditation to booked venues / activities.

Click the above picture and download the document outlining idLink business idea and illustration examples to show our system advantage over conventional practice.

Demo & Quote
Please write to if you want to arrange a demo or request a quotation.

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