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BooknMeet Secure e-Pass Issuance & Unmanned Visitor Registration / Accreditation System

Applicable also in Club Facilities & Activities Booking by Members / Guests

BooknMeet Secure e-Pass Issuance & Unmanned Visitor Registration / Accreditation System

VIDEO DEMO:, the smart facilities and event booking e-platform empowered by the idLink virtual card cloud issuance engine of VRCN Ltd., was adopted in two events of 2023 World Ageing Festival to be staged in Singapore from May 23 - 25, the trade exhibition and the Awards Dinner.

The platform allows Interested parties to click events listed at BooknMeetnet to perform visitor registration Then, they'll get the invitation with a URL to obtain a Browser-Based Virtual Card (to be appeared in the form of a Dynamic QR Code changing every 5 seconds to prevent copying). Visitors are thenm able to do a quick self accreditation to enter the venue simply by scanning one's virtual card against any stand-up readers on-site without use of any physical door controllers.

Unlike traditional visitor management system, the novel BooknMeet e-Pass issuance and visitor accreditation system does not require any printed paper or card to make a visitor badge, nor any installation of physical controllers on-site to perform identity authentication is required. It is the only-of-its-kind to perform secure door access without any door controller in the world.

For any event organizers, business venue owners and entertainment operators (such as fitness clubs, party rooms and interest class, etc), who want to drastically reduce the administrative workload in booking and visitor accreditation, VRCN Ltd. would be most delighted to offer our partnership program to help out. Contact us at or WhatsApp +85260716107 ( for more details


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